Where to go

In Pedreña

The Sports Port in Pedreña, where the boats are and where you can find the Centro de Actividades Nauticas (CAN) and the Diving School. It is in the road that takes you to Somo, the neighbored village.
The small Restaurants of the area, where you can joy our gastronomy ( shellfish, clams)
The Shellfish Woman path, walking by the coast line.
The Ship Boarding, of the ships that takes you to Somo and Santander and where the shellfish places are.
The picturesque and rural village.
The Small Beach of Pedreña, Sandy and without waves in the Bay of Santander with the city in front of you.


Cabarceno´s Park.
Beaches: Somo Loredo, Langre, Galizano (All of them less than 10 minutes far)
Caves (Cantabria has a great caves patrimonies, so you can visit the caves of El Soplao, The Ramales de la Victoria Caves, and the Puente Viesgo Caves)
Lierganes and the Pasiegan Area.
Santander City.