In this part, we want to tell you what  are the typical things in the area, if you come to visit us.

Nothing more typical, to start, than take an aperitivo and having a “rabas”(fried calamar). It doesn´t matter if you are in the City or around the province of Cantabria. “Having Rabas”  is very typical.

The ferry it is a very attractive proposal so to go to the City or to see the bay. They offer you excursions to the open sea or to the river.

If you came  in summer, nothing better than go to the Puntal and spend the day off in the beach. Everybody here has done it at least once, and it´s great: you just forget the world.

It is also very typical to go to Lierganes or to Santander and have a Churros with  Hot Chocolate in the afternoon, moreover if it is raining.

Every Saturday morning there are sailing race in the bay, so you have a good chance to have a walk at the Paseo de Pereda and see the ships.



The typical and better known excursions to know the province are:

DAY 1.- Santillana, Comillas, San Vicente de la Barquera.

DAY 2.- Isla, Noja, Santoña, Castro Urdiales.

DAY 3 .- Zona Pasiega: Solares, Lierganes, La Cavada, Vega de Pas, San Roque de Riomiera

DAY 4.- Zona Pasiega: Esles, Villacarriedo, Selaya, Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabarceno, Villanueva de Villaescusa.

DAY 4 .- Potes, Liébana, Mogrovejo,

DAY 5.- Valle de Soba, Ramales de la Victoria, Limpias.

DAY 6.- Zona de Cabuérniga, Cabezón de la Sal, Ruente, Valle. (Río Saja)

DAY 7.- Comarca de Campoo- Los Valles, Reinosa, Argueso, Valderredible, Valdeolea, Alto Campoo.


In January, the most popular festival in Cantabria is “the Vijanera”, in Silio. Festivity rooted on the old times, where the people celebrate the beginning of the year driving off the bad spirits. It takes part the first Sunday of the year.  At 12 o´clock pm. “The Zamarrones” young boys of the place, dressed with pipes and sound making, sing and dance to celebrate the New Year.

In February, Carnivals in Laredo and Santoña, very particular and interesting, related with the sea in this two fishing villas.

In March, “The Marzas” that remember the older times when the boys went to the houses of the girls and sing in the balconys. Now doesn´t have the same sense than in the older times, but don´t be surprised if in the middle of the night you hear local songs. It is very celebrated in the Soba Valley, Reinosa and in many small villages of the area.

The Holy Week, with religious celebrations in every place, but the most famous it is The Living Passion in Castro Urdiales.

The Second Sunday after the Holy Week is The Folia in San Vicente, with a procession in the sea.

In June, the 28th is the Festivity of Saint Peter in Pedreña, and we use to celebrate the Festivity of the Shellfish and Rowing.

During the first week of July and depending on the tide we celebrate the Loredo´s Derby, horse riding in the beaches of Somo and Loredo.

The first Friday of July, The Cosoblanco in Castro Urdiales, with a procession of decorated cars, pipe singers and traditional singers and fireworks.

The Second Saturday of July, the “Verbena del Mantón” in Ramales de la Victoria.

The Second Week of July we welcome the Summer Season celebrating “Baños de Ola” in the Sardinero, where we remember the splendor times of the City when all the tourist came to have a Bath in the Sea (On 20´s Santander was the summer place of the Royal Family, and many people come with the court to have a bath in the sea , question of helth!!!)

From the 11th to the 17th of July, in Comillas the Festivity of Sanint Crist.

Del 11 al 17 de Julio se celebran las Fiestas del Cristo del Santo Amparo en Comillas.

July is the month of the Santander Fest. Fireworks to start the Big Week with many activities.

The Second Sunday of August in Cabezón de la Sal we celebrate the Cantabrian Day , with all the traditional music, dances, artcrarfts and typical eating products.  (National Interest Festivity)

The last Friday of August, the Battle of Flowers in Laredo, music, artcrafts, decorated cars (National Interest Festivity)

The First week of September at Los Corrales de Buelna we celebrate the “Cantabrian Wars” remembering the wars the Cantabrian warriors had with the Romans, because Cantabria is the only area  in Spain no conquered by the Romans (neighther by the Islam), so you can see the cruelness of these warriors.

The 8th and 9th of September, Ampuero Festivity, with it´s famous bullfighting races.

The Second Week of September, in Potes, The Saint Cross Festivity, close to the Santo Toribio Monastry.

The 15th of September The BienAparecida Festivity in Ampuero.
The third Thursday of September (and the hole week) in Laredo the get off board of Carlos V, who came to Laredo Port in 1556 to go to Yuste where he finally died. (National Interest Festivity)

The 21st of September, Saint Mateo, Reinosa Festivity.

The 19th of October Saint Lucas in Hoznayo, artcrafts and animals market.



Local Products, art crafts, food market are very popular in Cantabria. It is a funny activity where you can always find something interesting.


  • Fish and Vegetables Market in Santander

Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday in Santander

Plaza de la Esperanza

  • Antiquities and Second Hand Market at Túnel de Tetuán (Santander)

Every Sundays

  • Open Marquet in  Solares

Every Wenesday.

  • Open Marquet in Santoña

Every Saturday.

  • Open Marquet in Lierganes

Every Sunday

  • Open Marquet in  Torrelavega
          Every Thursday
  • Open Marquet of San Vicente de la Barquera
    Every Saturday.
  • Open Marquet of Santiago de Cartes
    Every Sunday.
  • Open Marquet Plaza de Mejico
    Every Tuesday and Thursday in Santander

    Also in Cantabria:

Monday: San Miguel de Meruelo, Astillero, Arenas de Iguña, Potes, Renedo, Reinosa.

Tuesday: Maliaño, , Suances

Wenesday: Unquera, Los Corrales de Buelna, Noja, Solares, Torrelavega (Mercado de Ganados).

Thursday: Castro Urdiales, Maliaño (Mercado Ecológico), Ontaneda.

Friday : Somo, Ramales de la Victoria, Guriezo, Colindres, Comillas, Sarón.

Saturday: Bareyo, Cabezón de la Sal, Santoña,  Villaverde de Pontones (primer sábado de cada mes), Ampuero, Torrelavega (Mercado Ecológico), Mataporquera.

Sunday: Argoños, Oriñón, Pasaje de Peña (Rastro en Santander), Vega de Pas, Liérganes, Limpias, Selaya, Laredo.