Play golf in Pedreña, cradle of Champions.

The village of Pedreña, by the shore of the Santander´s bay and located in the center of the Santander Province is the perfect place to play golf any time of the year.

There are 2 golf courses in Pedreña, one of them, probably the most famous (Because is the place where Seve Ballesteros practice and become one of the most important figures of Mundial Golf) is the Royal Club Golf Course of Pedreña, a private Golf Course with 28 holes; and other small course La Junquera, a links course with 9 holes where you can joy and practice all the shots.
Both demand precision and strategic on the game.

But, also, if you are in Pedreña, not far, in the small village of Aguero (5 minutes from Pedreña) you can practice and play in the Course design by Ramón Sota (Seve´s uncle and a very famous Golfer in the time) and run by his sons, all of them golf professionals that keeps the tradition of golf playing in competitions and make club (club makers)

Pedreña, can nowadays be proud to be one of the villages with more golf professionals per inhabitant, compared with the myth Saint Andrews, because all its neighbors more or less knows about golf.




This area has always been favourable to practise all these sports, but in the last years the practise of these sports has increase so fast that the nearest beaches to Pedreña (Somo and Loredo) have become a mundial reference.

The development of these activities has been so hight that there are more than 20 surf schools in the area, given courses for beginers and advanced. The beaches of EL Puntal and Somo are perfect to practise Surf and Kite Surf. The bay the perfect place to practise Windsurf and you can enter by Pedreña Beach.

Pedreña is a great place to practis also Paddle Surf , so you can use the CAN facilities (see below)



Pedreña is a typical fishing village and one of its typical traditions is the Rowing. Since the older times fisher men take his boats to get to the city to sell the products they take from the sea. To get the better places they compete by rowing. There were famous the competition of the female fisherwoman, and so funny and picturesque to see than many people in the city stays on the bay to them.
At that time The Rowing become to be a competition and show more than a need, and in 1895 the Organization of The Fisherman in Santander organize its first “Regata de los Cabildos”, let Pedreña compete on it, because the fisher men and women where very well known.

In 1919 and outcome of the Royal Family Summer time spend in Santander, the city organice the first Rowing Competition on the Bay, and the Pedreña Rowers were invited and they won the “Alfonso XII Regata”. At that time was born the Pedreña´s Club of Rowing.

In 1933 starts one of the most glorious time of the Club, because they go to compete to other regions. One of the most famous competitions is the San Sebastian´s Flag (The Spanish Tournament of Rowing) which as won by Pedreña several times (1943-44-45)

It was won again for Pedreña in 2005. Today rowing is still a deep rooted sport, great tradition in spite of its hardness in competition, there are still great sports men working on it.

You can see them training in the bay very often.



At the CAN (Centro de Actividades Nauticas) you can start the practise of any nautic sport: paddle surf, Surf; kayak.

You can hire Boats without any title (4 people) and also you can hire electric bikes.

You can make any course or just hire it, to enjoy the bay and its sourroundings.

If you want to know Santander´s Bay and the River of Cubas this is the perfect plan so you can discover it from a new point of view in your holidays.