Our traditional meals are related with the duty of the people on the coast and in the country side.

Some of the typical meals are:
Cocido Montañes/ Montañes Stew (which consist in boiled beans, vegetables, pork meat) a very consistent meal.
Cocido Lebaniego o Madrileño: Stew (which consist in boiled chickpea, vegetables, pork and chicken meat and soup)
Rabas: Special noun which the Calamar is cocked here, fried.
Almejas: Clams: Very typical in the area and famous because the woman of the village fish them and after go to the main place in Santander rowing (in the older times).
Arroz con Almejas: A kind of paella with claims, and white rice.
Navajas: shell fish typical of the area.
Marmita: A Stew made with potatoes and tuna fish.
Bonito/ Tuna Beach on the brazier
Sardinas: Sardins on the brazier
Anchoas: Olive Anchovies
Sobaos: Special Kind of brioche made by the pasiegos.
Quesadas: Special kind of cake made with cheese by the pasiegos.